The company V.B. Meccanica has been specializing for over 20 processing raw materials up to the finished product and in repairing spare parts and accessories for hot and cold chamber die-casting machines for Zinc, Magnesium, Aluminium and Brass alloys.Moreover the company is one of the main international producer of piston rings and seal elements fr mechanical and oleodynamic application.

Thanks to the continuous development of its production equipment and processing technics as well as to the new material engineering, the company is nowdays a reference point for the main die-casting machine manufacturer and for all foundries using them.

V.B. Meccanica has been able to give total service to its customers with both standard and customized product. This is integrated with spare part service of the injection unit heatings.

Beside the above mentioned production flexibility, the repairing department for the worn particulars is the strong point of the company, thus enabling to have an excellent urgency management.


V.B. Meccanica is going to become a leading company in its production field.

The total customer satisfaction reached through the product top quality and services offered is the key point for a longlasting success.

The steady product and system improvement implies the involvement of the whole staff at all levels. The main motivation must be the “customer satisfaction” even inside the company.
Education and training have to be accurate and continuous and to involve the whole staff. The quality total control starts with training and goes on with training.


V.B. Meccanica’ management, aware that the market can be conquered only with a system that assures the customer, has strongly wanted and supported the implementation of the UNI EN ISO 9002/94 standards, obtaining the certification in 1999.

Today, after have recognized its benefits, the company has adapted the quality management system UNI EN ISO 9001/2000 (VISION 2000) standards.

The target the company is dedicated to is to keep on giving the customer an excellent service.

Quality Policy